What is Ikea Exchange Policy?

Posted 5th Apr 2012
Hoping someone can advise. I bought a couple of units from Ikea on the weekend, and the OH has changed her mind.

No receipt, as it got lost in the wash by mistake.

I appreciate that I won't get my money back, but can I ask for a credit note?

Has anyone had any experience of this? All advice welcome.
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The internet is your friend

I doubt you will get a credit note without a receipt.
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Which store did u but it from for large items they usually have a log on system so u could use that as proof I think..
Take your bank statement if you paid with a card, you should be fine.

Take your bank statement if you paid with a card, you should be fine.

true, but no retailer has any obligation as ..the OH has changed her mind.' is not a legal reason to refund.

smile a bit, try not to pick too busy a time, ask to see a manager.
Thanked you all (I know, not the same as leaving rep, but the best I can do!)

I actually need something from Ikea anyway, so a credit note or exchange would suit me best. I did, of course, check online, but as 2sly's link suggests, info is related to refunds, not exchanges.

Can't take a bank statement, as i only paid n the weekend.. but I could take a printout of a screengrab, I suppose...

Will take lefthand's advice, and smile a bit

If anyone else has managed to exchange something without a receipt, i would love to know.
yep one of my friends bought stuff and went to exchange it at Brent Park Store and they looked it up on their system.. unfortunately they couldn't find it but cos it was so manic and they'd been looking for the stuff for abt 25mins due to the SA getting confused- they gave her a credit note card thing just to get rid..

she bought the stuff three years previously oO
Thanks for the input. Did your friend have a receipt? If not, how did ikea know how much to credit back?
well yes she had a receipt but said she didnt (cos obviously it was dated from 3yrs ago) luckily they had the items as currant stock (i think they were blinds) and so just pulled a price from the computer once scanned. Had it been discontinued im sure it'd be a no-go. The can actually check on their database to id when it was bought- if you have a card statement from the bank im sure it'd be no probs. i think it just comes down to having a nice SA at the counter on which you end up. Hopefully you wont get a jobsworth
Thanks to everyone who answered.
I have just returned from ikea, spoke with a brilliant SA, who promptly gave me the value of the goods as a credit note

Whole thing took five minutes. Great service, and I was concerned for nothing. Happy days!
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