What is ipoints?

    I've only just started to see ipoints in deals now, and unsure what it is.

    Is it just like quidco where you register and open the retailer website through there link?
    And you can only use the points to buy items on there website?

    Would you recommend ipoints over quidco?

    I did a search not much info about it, while quidco does have information and a wikipedia page.


    I use rpoints,,,Never had a problem,,,


    Are* ;-)

    hi, i use ipoints and rpoints, some retailers r not on rpoints so i use ipoints, and vice versa, just check which as the highest cashback value, or points never had a prob with either,

    yes forgot to mention u go thru same process like quidco, or rpoints, etc, just log into your chosen site then just shop at the store u buying off, the ipoints or cashback with quidco with show up in ur statement norm within 14 days

    What Are Ipoints


    oh do they have more companies then quidco or what?


    Hm, no, I suppose is can be right too.
    I appologise profanely.
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