What is it with my legs?

Upper legs are burning up, earlier in the night, both were really restless. Haven't had this problem is ages. Stopping me sleeping ergo me prattling on here.

What the heck is wrong with my legs?


Google "Restless legs syndrome".:thumbsup:

The bf has this and it drives me mad, if I kick him back hard enough it eventually stops :w00t:

He tends to do it more when he has things on his mind or has had a few drinks

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Do you know, it's so long since I had this, that I forgot all about the "leg crunches" that used to help it. Wikipedia says about the rapid up/down movement of the legs to relieve the symptoms.
But then again, I haven't been taking the thyroid tabs, so it could also be a lack of thyroxin in the blood!

do yout legs spasm and/or tingle ? i had this a few days ago and found out it was my shoes ! went back to old shoes and now theyre ok.

I suffer terribly on occasion, my doc prescribed clonazepan and this works a treat plus helps me sleep.

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Shoot, this is more common than I thought! we should start a RLS appreciation society or something

It's an absolute nightmare for me an truly bizarre as it comes at virtually the same time each night. It's just like something alien has taken over your body, you want to be still but inside everything is telling you to move.

Unfortunately I get it in my torso and arms as well and it drives me bonkers !!

Cut the bleeders off and be done with it!

Do you eat any foods with monosodium glutamate in them? (chinese, pot noodles etc). I find that if I eat foods with high MSG content i get this. It usually lasts about 24 hours then goes until i eat chicken fried rice again!
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