What is it with video games and "rubbish" endings???

Posted 3rd Jun
Yep folks, it's gripe time again!

Seriously though, I'm getting tired of investing hours of time into a game - only to be rewarded with a really crappy ending. Why do the developers do it? Is it on purpose just to prank you or do they really have no inspiration when it comes to the finish? They expend huge resources creating a superb game for us to play; like a baker making a career-defining 'masterpiece' cake; only to place a turd on the top as a cherry! I'm sure all of us have had that "I could have done so much better than that" moment - and I'm no game-designer...

I don't really want to go into "detail" about the specific ending of a game just in case someone is playing and it's disheartening to read but; in general; there are some that do take the mickey! I've been hitting some old titles recently that I never got around to playing and last night I finally cracked the nightmarish "Dark Souls." After going through hell on some levels and the genuine elation and heart-thumping relief of beating some of the level bosses (Ornstein & Smough, anyone? Arghhh!) I was treated to the most underwhelming of endings. The final "boss" was a doddle (in comparison to most) and getting to him was the most boring of run-ups. It was almost like it was an afterthought...

Not even a decent bit of FMV as a treat after all your efforts either - it comes across as if they just couldn't be bothered. Even the credits were unnaturally short (for a video game!) and nothing at the end - just a restart of the game from the beginning. There have been some other stinkers over the years too but this would have to be in my top 10 for sure. I'll perhaps play through again to see what the other ending is like - or perhaps save myself some time and just 'Youtube' it eh?

So, do you have any "Was that it???" gaming moments worth a mention? Alternatively, perhaps you wish to praise a certain title for having a truly fantastic ending? Mine would be Mass Effect 3. After the controversy of the original ending and it's subsequent 'update' by the developers, I'd have to say it's one of my all-time favourites ever.

How about you?
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Are you sure that you didn't have to beat the game on a higher difficulty setting to get the "true" ending?
Haircut_10003/06/2020 12:47

Are you sure that you didn't have to beat the game on a higher difficulty …Are you sure that you didn't have to beat the game on a higher difficulty setting to get the "true" ending?

Hi HC100. Hope you are well. If you know DS, there aren't any difficulty settings (apart from NG+ etc) - it's just RUDDY hard! Hehe. It was known for it's frustrating gameplay (until you level up a bit) but it is pretty neat when you get to grips with it. It has lots of side-quests (some which I missed) and apparently two different endings but the one I chose was just very, very disappointing. I know it happens in games but I've always wondered why? They put so much effort into creating great gfx and gameplay but some fall really short when it comes to a story ending...
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