what is my internet speed????

Found 23rd Jun 2007
hey, i was told by aol i could only get 1mb on my line...even tho i live round the corner from the exchange....i pay for up to 2mb....so how can i tell what speed i actually have??? as i want to ring aol and ask why i cant get 2mb if i havent...

cheers guys.....and yeah finally my net is back on....SIGHHHHH
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so what speed is it? i dont get it?

so what speed is it? i dont get it?

Thats 1mb
damnnit im meant to be able to get up to 2mb...

what reasons could stop me getting the full 2mb???
Try this site...it will tell you how far you are from your exchange and what speeds you can get: ]http//ww…php
It depends what loop you're actually on, I've know people to leave near the exchange and get worse speeds!

Its basically pot luck, I live a good distance away from the exchange and I get the full 2200kb/s!

damnnit im meant to be able to get up to 2mb...what reasons could stop me … damnnit im meant to be able to get up to 2mb...what reasons could stop me getting the full 2mb???

have you got any background task running. ie. xp updates, virus updates or any torrents or p2p ?
nope nothing
i thought AOL weren't increasing the speed to 2mb until september or something
AOL Are the very last company i'd go with anyway. When i rang them to tell them my internet wasnt' working, they said -use the online help...

If i cant get on the internet how do i do this:\

We were with them for a year and the day the contract of 12 mts ended we cancelled straight away.

My speed

on an up to two mb line. - i dont live far from my exchange [and its cable]
mine is 4580Kb/s
i phoned AOL and they say im getting 2mb..however EVERYTIME i check the speed its 1MB.....is this a clause in my contract? am i able to cancel AOL due to this? i need a way out of this contract they are useless.......please help
Im so annoyed.....ive rang again there....and they put me to tech support...and i havent installed the AOL software cos i dont use it...and hes like "how do you get on the internet without the software miss brown" and im ringing him for my help????????? WTF im sick as a chip here
anyone help me with a complaints letter? to request cancelation
what speed is this?
2mb...thats what i shud be getting but i get 996 or something....
and APARENTLY as said by AOL even members with up to 16mb only get 1mb between 6pm and 9pm...full od sh!t man...im totally fed up...
You should try tiscali:) They have a customer service helpline second to none. Oops sorry It's all a lie:oops:
lol...dunno what it is with companies customer services....are ANY of them good

whats sky internet like?
well you are getting UP TO 2mb. they have various different packages to with different names, if you get an 8MB connection you will still only get 1mb because that is the maximum speed your line can support. If you switch to another servide provider you will still only get 1mb as it is the maximum speed of your line at the moment the only thing that will change is the price.
im supposed to get 8meg i get half a meg i need change quick but they keep delaying. been about a year since i wanted to change.


lol...dunno what it is with companies customer services....are ANY of … lol...dunno what it is with companies customer services....are ANY of them goodwhats sky internet like?

Well here goes:

I'm on Sky and it's fantastic! Anyone who follows my posts will know that at any opportunity, I happily kiss Sky's A$$.

Was on Tiscali, until they totally screwed my connection up, transferred to Virgin, who made an even bigger mess of it all (connected at 170kbps on their 8 meg service!) and was stuck with them for 4.5 months until I managed to get a get out of jail free card from them and migrated to SKY.

If you are in an area cobered by Sky's network and can get on their LLU service (check ]http//ww…php you need to pop your details in and look for Easynet unbundled) the I personally wouldn't hesitate to migrate!

Even though BT say you can only get up to 2 mb, migrating on to Sky's equipment will increase your speed - they are already using the equipment that BT are planning on rolling out in the next 5 years - 21C.

Next thing to do would be to have a look on ]skyuser.co.uk - they have lots of helpful bods on there for users of any ISP - that can help increase your linespeed with some very simple checks on your home wiring.

I know there are some horror stories about SKY, and I don't doubt there are issues, but for me on the MID package, for a fiver a month i get a constant 8 meg connection with a download speed of just over 6000kbps with no drop-outs or throttling in the evening!

It's FAB.

Tazandsaz - feel free to message me or e-mail if you want any further info/advice, but I would definately consider moving from A-O-Hell!

thanks jayhab....helps a lot my aol contract runs out in august so im gonna move to sky...

gonna take a look at all the things you posted and have a read thru...

thanks again :thumbsup:

Mines on a go slow today as well. :-(
what a bleedin shame SY lol

Im on Up to 8 Meg with UKFSN
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