What is O2 Priority and how do i use it?

Posted 5th Oct 2021
O2 Priority has been around a good while now but i'd thought i'd give a run down on what it is, who's eligible and how to claim these offers and discounts.

What is O2 Priority?

Priority is our way of saying thanks - bringing you great offers from high street brands, tickets and experiences, as well as access to the best in entertainment.

Who can use it?

It's free and exclusive to O2 customers

How do i claim?

There are lots of ways to redeem your rewards. You can:

Through Priority - if you have a Smartphone you can redeem in the Priority App and website.

  • Text either CLAIM or SAVE to 50202.
  • You can call the Rewards IVR on 313.
  • Log on to the Rewards website.
  • Via Customers Services.
  • In Retail stores.
  • You can CLAIM or SAVE with all the options above.

If you’d like to spend your Saved balance then you need to do this via the O2 Rewards website: payandgorewards.o2.co.uk/web/o2

What can I spend my rewards on?

You can use your O2 Rewards to get a high street voucher, or extra credit for calls, texts and data. You can even put them towards a new phone, or get money off tickets to a gig or a show. Please note, you must have a saved balance of at least £10 to order a voucher. If you choose to redeem vouchers to gigs or shows they will be facilitated via Ticketmaster and you’ll get sent a promotional code to enter online when you book.

Does Priority use data?

Using Priority within your allotted data allowance or on a WIFI network will be free. Any use of Priority outside of this, will incur data charges in-line with the standard network rate.

Download the app

Get the free app for quick and easy access to Priority whenever you like. Select your app store or text PRIORITY to 2020.

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