What is quidco?

    i dont no if im supposed to post this here or some where else or on a total different website lol but ive heard people say 2.5% quidco and stuff like that , could some kind person please tell me what that is please and what it does ? thank you


    run a search the question been asked a million times

    Hi Mensy, it's a cashback site. Go to [url][/url], if you buy items on the net through them, a lot of companies give you a % of cash back in to your bank. Eachcompany is different so have a look at the site.

    A cashback site

    Quidco is a site that offers cashback when you purchase things online.
    So, you want something from, you search it on [url][/url] , you'll see a percentage of cashback you get back, I think it's 7% now, so you click through the link (if you're logged in) and after you've made your purchase it should track, within a few days, and then around 2 months later (that's the rubbish part) you can get the money transferred from your purchases to your bank account.
    Hope that helps?

    go ]http//ww…com you will know what is quidco.

    is a cashback referral site. Eg if you go via quidco to order something from "game" for example, quidco will pay you something like 11% of ur money back. Takes a few months but hey its free money. I suppose its a bit like a staff discount site!

    I would highly recommend quidco, I've received £80 cashback for a obile phone contract and £74 for Gas and Electricity supplier, so well worth doing!!!

    open up a Coral acount via quidco (deposit £10 & bet it on a single sports event - in return coral will then give you another £10 bet on your account straight away for free + you will get £25.40p validated into your quidco account within 24hrs. So you will be £15.40p better off & you never know one of your bets might win as well.

    I joined last Sept. It was going great until April, but I haven't had any cashback since then.

    How are others getting on?
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