What is that Gears Of War song?

    In the cinema ads for Gears Of War 2, and on some of the TV ads, there's a particularly haunting song. Can someone please name that tune.


    Devotchka - How it Ends…Y5A…hKA

    The short version of this ad is awful (badly recut) - anyone who did not already know what if was advertising would have no idea.

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    Thanks alternate, rep added.

    The extract from the song seemed quite haunting when I heard it several times at the cinema. The full 5 minute version doesn't really justify the length IMHO.

    in GOW1 it was angel by massive attack
    i think it was a bit better...

    i think it was GOW1 actually
    not so sure anymore.

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    in GOW1 it was angel by massive attacki think it was a bit better...i … in GOW1 it was angel by massive attacki think it was a bit better...i think it was GOW1 actuallynot so sure anymore.

    It was Mad World if you mean the GOW1 TV ad.
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