what is the average length of an advert break?

Posted 28th Jul 2008
also what is the worst channel for it?
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the hits is terrible!
I believe it's 3 miniutes. Any American chanels are horrendous as they run ads afre credits and intro's!
i always thought american chanels are bad like sky and mtv
sky one is about 5 years...
sky one
3 minutes. You can get a 30,45 or 60 second slot I believe
Sky One & UK Gold
I swear the ads on sky one are a full 5 mins at times, they have 2 of their own ads(I mean Sky ads) before and after each advert break!

BTW Would you rather have more shorter breaks, or fewer longer breaks?
there are some 4 minute breaks in between 'prime time' programmes, and there are additional 'adverts' for programmes on the channel.

BBC have started to do more and more adverts for their own programmes. There was a person on points of view who timed them all for a day, and it averaged 2 minutes between each programme that day! (sad life). It does make you wonder why we pay a licence fee, when the only benefit I 'see' is the lack of adverts... (and high quality programming?!)
use sky plus and whizz through the adverts.

What is the record for whizzing the ads ?

get on and time it you;ll be amazed
Channel Five are bad for long ad breaks.

The length of the ad break isn't the important factor though - it's the length of the programme before the ad break!! I watched one "Five" documentary and there was an ad break 3 mins and 47 secs in!
America's got Talent is 6 mins. adverts
And UKTV Gold is just less then 5 mins ads.
Channel 5 in prime time - almost always 4 mins. My Humax PVR has a 30-second skip. 8 quick presses skips almost perfectly every time. In fact, I get annoyed when they're less than 4 mins now ;-)
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