what is the best android tv box

    looking for a android tv box but there is far to many to choose from

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    I've got an Allreli 4.4.2 Android stick. Built in wifi, SD slot etc. Works great with Xbmc. Also have a wireless keyboard with it.
    Will be selling if you're interested.

    I've just picked up the Amazon Fire TV and have had it a week. I've been impressed so far, I can use BBC Iplayer on it, Five on Demand, plus also Netflix. The voice function works really well, but only on Amazon Prime Instant Video stuff. I've also managed to install XBMC as well and side load a few other apps. I like the fact the box is tiny, fast and very slick with no visible lag so far..

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    seen loads of different boxes on ebay will mainly be using for xbmc an show box

    The Allreli is just like a mobile on your telly. Obv with no telephone but does have usb port so can connect accessories to it.

    The sticks have wifi issues....dont buy amazon tv also have issues with frame any box ''amlogic s802'' box.

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    have been told the minix x8 h is a good one to have.

    Mini x8 h is based on amlogic S802h with 2gig ram (over kill) with dual wifi 5.8ghz as well as 2.4ghz....good box but over kill for some.

    yes minix 8 seems good. make sure you get an air mouse.

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    thanks for the replys

    Trust me amazon fire is the best and I've tried xbmc on almost all boxes including minix. Minix software needs sorting out.
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