What is the best Blueray film to show off HD?

I don't care about how good the film is. Just what is the most impressive film to show off my 46" LCD and surround sound?


dark knight.
a great film and looks fantastic.

Ironman,Hulk,Cars or Die Hard 4 are very good to show picture quality and sound

I think if you watched a computer animated film it should look even better.

I seen the preview for CARS in one of my blu ray movies and it looks superb don't know about the sound though.


dark knight.a great film and looks fantastic.

Has to be dark knight, when the ratio changes for the IMAX scenes it's unbelievable :thumbsup:

Planet Earth, by a country mile.

I'd agree with Ironman which looks outstanding, Wall-e is very impressive as well.



I'd say Cars, Dark Knight and even Mamma Mia as it has fantastic location shots.

I read somewhere that the 2004 version of phantom of the opera is what the proffesional reviewers use.



Planet Earth, by a country mile.

yea the planet earth series looks superb :thumbsup:


The Blue Planet - doesnt come cheap mind


I'd have to agree with AberBargoed.

Sunshine may not be everyone's cup of tea but the visuals......

Just bought Planet Earth on BR so these comments make the mouth water!

Then again, I bought Hairspray for the wife and we haven't opened it yet - the hidefdigest says its fantastic on this format - I believe it scores high than Planet Earth!!!
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