What is the best book reader?

I keep dithering between the kindle, but put off as you seem to be tied to amazon? or the sony reader? any advice or other suggestions appreciated.


i have the kindle and you can put on books from other places than amazon

I've got the new touch screen Sony 350, I went for Sony because it supports epub & pdf files.

Personally I don't see the need for 3G or wifi, I have loaded 64 books on there & once I've finished one book I just start another that's already loaded on it. It will need charging way before I get anywhere near finishing all of those so I can add other books to it when I next charge without any hassle.

go for the sony, much more choice

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Thanks very much, which is the best sony model?

the newest model either the Sony PRS-350 Pocket Editiion (£159.99) or the Sony PRS-650 Touch Edition £199.99) - both are touch screen 350 is 5 inch screen & 650 is 6 inch screen. 650 also plays mp3's & has a memory card slot which the 350 doesn't.

I've been using my iPhone to read books on so the 350 is perfect for me; bigger (than iPhone) but not too big & lighter than 650, I didn't need it to play mp3's & the internal memory is plenty big enough for hundreds of books, it was also £70 cheaper than the 650 at Waterstones as they had an offer on at the time I bought it.

Watersones aren't doing that offer any more but are they doing a different offer on both 350 & 650 at the moment where you can claim the VAT back from Sony after purchase so saving £23.82 on 350 or £29.78 on the 650 (amounts taken from Waterstones website)

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Thank you for all the info, if I get the sony can I download from anywhere, seems less limited than the kindle?
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