What is the best Broadband package at the moment.

    Hi all what is the best Broadband deal at the moment
    I want reliable and at least 8mb ..

    Hi all what is the best Broadband deal at the moment.
    I am wanting to leave Virgin,as my speed has been as slow as 60kbps every afternoon till well after midnight.I have emailed 4 times.Funny enough today when i got an email telling me my MAC CODE will be with me in 2 days,my speed goes back up to 3.5mb again.Pity they did not keep it like this.I was paying them for 8mb and phone calls £19.99 p/m.
    There was times I could not even get a web page to load as it was slower than a 56k moden.
    Virgin Sucks.


    I have been with BE for quite a while now, its cheap @ £14 per month for an 8 meg line which is Unlimited Use.

    Speeds have been great and uptime is spot on.

    What the budget, as the one of the cheepest may be Talk talk, which is what I have. As I dont need anything super fast or hugh download/ upload limits, the talk talk services is pretty good. I have only seen the service slow down twice, and I have been with them for 18 months ish.

    Customer service is very bad and the change over from BT to them was very badly handled. But, once all is in and done, the serive works.

    Cost £16.00 ish and the term of contract is 18 months.

    This includes broadband, phone line, and calls to UK national numbers, European landlines, Austrailian land lines and also mobile and landlines in US and Canada for FREE (off peak - evenings [after 6pm] and weekends).

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    I have heard bad reports about talk talk.

    O2 8Mb 'unlimited' for £12.50 as I mentioned in your ]other post. They own BE but are cheaper than them!
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