What is the best cell phone for GPS?

    I am looking for a replacement cell phone, and I know there are Nokia phones that can be used like a Garmin forerunner, tracking running/cycling distances and routes etc.

    I think there are Blackberry handsets that have this functionality and of course the Iphone...

    I'm thinking more about proper GPS rather than some of the options that stream the data from the net (data charges could be an issue I guess?)

    What are peoples experiences on the options?




    Buy a sat nav

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    Buy a sat nav

    LOL I thought about that but for 2 things - they dont store where you have been, and second, the gaffer tape used to fix it to handle bars is a bit ugly!!


    i have an xda ignito (htc touch diamond) - satnav seems canny but you may want to download a suitable program

    HTC Touch HD.
    Mine picks up a signal in about 10seconds - indoors!
    I use TomTom / Igo8 on it :thumbsup:

    yep the htc touch hd.

    i got one for sale if your i nterested.

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    Thanks everyone for comments - I think I am gonna go for either the Iphone or a Nokia - the 3 network seems to have some great deals and my area is good for coverage...

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