What is the best cover to buy for an Amazon Kindle, I cannot afford the leather one with the backlight ??

Found 28th Jan 2011
I am looking for a case for an Amazon Kindle 3 wifi, I cannot afford the Amazon leather one with backlight.

What is the next best one ??
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I have just bought a Kindle and wanted to know exactly the same!
dunno..but hubby has the leather one with light....its quite a good lil thing actually. cant get any knocking about on fleaby?
Have a look on ebay there are quite a few cheaper versions that have very good reviews.
The one with the light has caused the Kindle to overheat for a lot of people so it might not be a good idea to get one anyway. Make sure you get one that holds the reader firmly in place.
I think ebay is the best place to look too.
Interesting that Amazon seem to think there is a problem with the non-lighted covers now too:


Perhaps better not to use one at all now!
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