What is the best deal you can get on an iphone?

    I am after an iphone when my present contract runs out with o2. Normally o2 are very accommodating when you mention to them that you would like to quit however my friend tried to get a better deal out of o2 a couple of months ago when his contract was due for renewal and he was told that they weren't allowed to discount iphones at all. I think at the time o2 still had the monopoly on the iphone. Has anyone had a decent deal lately. My last contract was a free E90 phone £25 a month with 600 mins 1000 texts unlimited wifi. the only drawback was the 18 month contract.


    O2 have some reconditioned 3GS - or they did. They usually offer these cheaply or even free to exisiting customers. Might be worth having a chat to them.

    The recon phone is brand new in appearance and has the same warranty.

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    Excellent, thanks for the tips

    your welcome x
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