What is the best dry dog food to use?

Found 14th Dec 2014
I have recently been told that the dog food I am currently feeding my dogs on is probably one of the worst on the market, ie Bakers Meaty Meals. Apparently it is a low grade food which has been well flavoured but makes the dog poo more than it should, it also can make them very hyper. I have 2 Labrador/collie cross dogs and boy can they be hyper. Can anyone please recommend a decent dry food I could try for my dogs, there seems to be quite a few brands on the market and I'm lost for what to choose. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my dogs are aged 10 and 2. Thanks
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I rate Royal Canin, my two dogs have had it since birth and, quite frankly, their poos are quite compact and easy to clean up!! Their coats are always lovely and shiny etc and they also enjoy the food.
Burgess Superdog Sensitive is a good dry food. Reasonably priced with decent ingredients. Bakers, Pedigree, Winalot etc are all full of rubbish. Not enough nutrients and too much filler.
I've just started buying from fish4dogs.com and my dog loves it. It is very reasonably priced for the quality. They sell samples of their products, so you can try for very little outlay. Their 'dogs for the disabled' goody bags are especially good value, if you want to try before you commit to a large bag they won't eat. And remember working dog food is VAT free and is often very similar if not identical to the standard food.
I use Burns, the general rule is that if you can buy it in a supermarket then it isn't that good.
This is another persons opinion of course but it did help me when I was looking at changing my dogs food over I used this Dry dog food list to decide which was best for my dogs in my budget range.

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my vet told me the only suitable supermarket brand was iams, but if affordable I would change them to royal canin
I have two Border Collies - one eight years old, the other about 16 months. The pup is obviously a bit livelier than the old boy though he still has his moments.

After trying a few different brands we decided on Harringtons dried food, there are a few varieties. This food can be bought from Amazon or Asda, roughly £20 for 15kg, so pretty good value and easy to get hold of. Plus Asda do smaller bags too.

The dogs both love it, their poos are firm, the food packaging is also compostable.
We were using Bakers and it always seemed more came out the back end of the dog than went in at the front.
After visiting the vets to say that Scooby was always wanting / having a number 2.
He said that it was too rich a dog food and always recommends the cheap one, which was .... Chum. (3yr old Lab)

It worked.

We use harringtons it's great value for money, it's obviously not the best you can buy, but on a budget it's the best around.
If you can go grain free that is the best, cereals cant be digested properly by dogs hence the big poos! Grains are also common factors in ear and skin problems in dogs and chewing/licking feet. Allaboutdogfood is a great site for dog food reviews you can even put your budget in and it will find you the best food within that. I personally would recommend Royal Canin or Iams. If you look at the ingredients the first ingredient isnt even proper meat and the other ingredients are just cheap fillers ie rice, beet pulp, corn, chicken fat, the main ingredient is chicken meal which isnt great.
We're Burns users over here too, I have two Black Labradors, one has IBS and the other is on a diet, Burns fish & rice works for them both, the vet approves too, described it as "a very clean food" (which ibs dog needs).

We buy it from Amazon, on the subscribe and save, if you but 5 items a month you get a15% discount, so 15% off £45, is six-odd quid, so I have added things we'll always need like sweetex, shampoo, bubble bath - all around a pound each, so I get money off my dog food, plus for other things I need, and it's all delivered free every month.

The only complaint on the independant dog food rating site was that there could be more meat in Burns, but whatever suits fartrocket and doesn't upset her gut works for us.
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we used to feed our Yorkie bakers as a treat now and again. She used to bounce of the walls so hyper and yappy now we feed her Royal Cannin small dogs and she is so much calmer. She used to eat her own poo too before and doesnt do that any more now she is eating royal cannin.
We give our dog Skinners rough and ready, usually around £26 for 15khg. Its decent enough in nutrition.

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have always fed my mutts home cooked food!.....all this dried stuff didn.t exist back in the day....boiled chicken rice mulched veg,very cheap to make and freeze.
we tried many but settled on wagg and worked best in various breeds we have had and mid price range. dont give dogs milk or dairy btw. iams gd but not better and much dearer.
the one that it eats and doesnt get the runs

the one that it eats and doesnt get the runs

got an ibs dog too?
Vet recommended chappie
My dog wont eat the dry stuff so have to spend an extortionate amount on the tins!

got an ibs dog too?

havent had any diagnosis but if you give it chicken then you better get ready with the kitchen roll as liquid chaos imminent
We use dry foods from CSJ: csjk9.com
Also my vet advised chappie for an ill dog, normal wet tinned food gives mine awful wind but chappie is fine.
Even says recommended by vets on the tin.
We changed our dogs diet a few months back onto Harringtons as it was cheaper. The dog subsequently had a blood test which showed a surprisingly poor liver function. Vet asked if we were giving her a lot of fat in her diet, and suggested that the poorer quality food we were buying was at fault. Changed back to James Wellbeloved, blood test 4 weeks later normal.
It might be coincidence, but the fat content of the cheaper foods is definitely higher.
17 kg of worker Wagg is what i've fed my German Shepherds for over 10 years! my vet is still asking how I keep his long coat so well managed and shiny! also my short haired is the same
I also use harringtons after being told that bakers was not great ...its not expensive at all it has omega 6&3 fatty acids ,citrus antioxidants , nutrient rich kelp , reduces flatulent odours (yes yes it does ) healthy digestion and healthy immune system.
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