What is the best facial moisturiser- not necessarily a brand name?

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Found 19th Apr
I usually use the Olay cream but are there any better? Thanks

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I really hope you get a serious answer here....:p

Completely depends on your skin.
Dry skin, oily skin, spotty skin, old skin, loose skin.....

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Any serious answers?

I'm on the hunt for a good face cream. Looking into origins and Liz Earle

just use Loreal or Garnier at the min

serious answer depends on the age of your skin and some times skin types. Some branded products like elemis, Liz Earle, time bomb would be good for you to try.. QVC have a 30 day return policy for products. You could at least try 2 and return the one you least like.
Worst case you don't like either you can return them both used.. Obviously don't do this intentionally with lots of products else they will stop you from ordering.

I was lookingfor a new cream, went to alarge dept store got free samples from allcounters, got some from bootsno7 and tested to see what i liked best

Liz Earle. Highly recommend it.

Get a few lush samples.

Neals yard frankincense cream is another good one.

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Thank you

The main difference is the price.
It is much like cough medicines..........................there is only one!
Ask your Doctor.

body shop vitamin e face cream is great

Aldi do a great selection of face creams for all types of skin. I use their Q10 face cream which I am more than happy with.

Bach's Rescue Cream is great, especially for the neck, jaw and under eyes. It's also very healing. Best to dab it on rather than too much rubbing in, I find.

Definatly recommend all Liz Earl products! The Liz Earl super skin moisturiser (one I use) is lovely but their basic one is also nice.. Sutible for all skin, usually in John Lewis around seasonal times they do box sets what work out really good value!!

I swear by liz earl .. my skin is super sensitive,i tried loads b4 liz earl !!

I strongly recommend Liz Earle for glowy skin. They are currently giving away their face serum and Cleanse and Polish with a £60 spend on their website.

Vaseline I read yonks ago

Nivea sensitive men's post shave Balm, has a white lid not a blue one, heard through the grapevine (its a pre-internet thing) that women everywhere are buying this.
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