what is the best free dvd decrypting/converting software?

    i've got myself a wee netbook and want to put some converted vids on it.

    what is the best decryption software to decrypt the dvd? i'm using dvd decryptor which works but quite slow.

    also what is the best software to convert to say an .avi file? most of the ones i've tried are rubbish cos they're just trial versions, or have watermarks or just don't work very well.

    does anyone know if there are any free direct "1-click" conversion tools out there which would save having to use decryptor first?

    native resolution for netbook is 1024 x 600, so anything that could produce an image close to these settings would be appreciated. i tried i-riverter which i'm sure works very well for mp4 players but max res is 640 which is just too small.

    free hopefully but if i have to pay a few quid for a decent all-in-one program i don't mind.


    imgburn or dvd shrink for free ones

    or dvd-decrypter


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