What is the best HTC M8 contract?

I'm looking to get the HTC M8 for around £20-£25pm. If needed, I'm willing to pay about £100 upfront. So far, the best deal I've found is:

£139.99 for phone
500 minutes
Unlimited texts

Does anyone know of a better deal? Thanks!


£22.50 a month.
(Potentially £45 Quidco too)

500 mins
500MB data
Unlimited texts

Only downside is that it's refurbished.


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£22.50 a month.NO UPFRONT COST.(Potentially £45 Quidco too)O2500 m … £22.50 a month.NO UPFRONT COST.(Potentially £45 Quidco too)O2500 mins500MB dataUnlimited textsOnly downside is that it's refurbished.http://www.mobiles.co.uk/o2-htc-one-(m8)-silver-refurbished.html?tid=4S3UMFEB14

Thank you! That beats my deal by a fair margin. There's also the £23.50pm with 1GB data. But, I'm still not sure whether to go with refurbished: I would prefer a brand new phone.

Brand new not refurb, no upfront cost:
Unlimited minutes
Unlimited texts
1gb data 4G
24 month contract
Car phone warehouse.

Not looked into TCB or quidco for them just yet

£50.50 exclusive discount with TCB for car phone warehouse. That brings down your overall cost per month to £25.90 for more than double the deal above :-)

Just don't use the link directly above, always remember to use the tracking cashback website first to ensure you get the cookie to track :-) good luck and it's a great phone!

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Thanks redcastle! X) That's a brilliant deal. But, I'm going to wait a bit before going for that. I don't particularly want to go through a cashback site: I've had bad experiences with them before. But, so far, that's the best deal I've seen!

Edit: I used redcastle's deal as leverage and in the end was offered a fantastic deal by my current network. Thanks redcastle!
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Hi James!

Glad it worked out for you :-). As an aside, TopCashback is excellent for cashback. So far, I've had £392 back, most recently £90ish for an O2 contract for my father in law. Money into account and withdrawn in three weeks :-) given to him cash and he was happy so can't complain! They also very kindly help chase etc retailers for cashback for you.

If you do want to join, then my referral link is below if interested but it's entirely up to you :-):
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