What Is The Best Internet & Email Phone?

    I'm after a phone that is best for accessing the internet and getting my work and personal emails on. I don't use phone too much so would only be used here and there.

    Looked at HTC, Blackberry, Iphone new Samsung Omnia

    Also allot of the deals offer unlimited email and internet but is limited (Not realy unlimited is it!!) What sort of usage would i have to do to start paying i.e how long on internets and reading emails (Not attcahments)


    I had the HTC TNTY before upgrading to N95 8Gb. I have to say the camera on the N95 is great, but nothing beats the TNTY for ease of use for surfing, and the QWERTY keypad is so handy for emailing.

    I plumped for the Orange "umlimited" broadband, and to be fair, I surf and check emails several times a day while at work, and i haven't gone anywhere near my usage limit. Orange told me that if i did go ove rthe fair usage amount, they would tell me first before they started getting cross and charging. as long as you're not downloading lots of movies and music, or watching everything available on youtube, you should be fine.

    I've had a HTC Touch for a year now and I love it.. I'd recommend one of the more recent models though like the Touch Cruise. I almost bought the Touch Diamond recently, until I realised it has no Micro SD slot - very useful if you want to listen to music or take pictures.
    email is very good on these phones. Internet is quite good but a little frustrating at times compared to a PC (which you really shouldn't). Very good for most things though - checking eBay is very useful.


    N95 8Gb with Opera Mini works a charm :thumbsup:

    i have the HTC touch diamond, its a really good phone, but i would recommend the touch diamond pro, its a lot easier to text with a full keyboard.

    my next phone is going to be the Sony Ericsson Experia x1, looks just amazing

    I use a HP 614 business communicator!! Good phone, and works a charm! Best thing it has which swayed me towards it is a regular keypad AND a touch screen!! Its good wen you need to feel keys and not actually look at the screen. Also the ipod style touch wheel on the keys is great!! very cool onc eu get used to it. GPS, Wifi, 3G, 3MP cam and the works..plenty of RAM fast processor.!! and Wm6!!

    Look at it.. !! or if u want a qwerty one, look at HP914... which is the same phone but with a qwerty keypad!!

    Ive just got the omnia on vodafone. very nice. Has 3g, wifi, and opera for surfing.
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