What is the best item you ever got from your Freecycle?

    Just to start off, I have an acoustic guitar with case, tuner, etc that a Rugby freecycler passed onto me two years ago, the most recent catch has been my sony flatscreen monitor from a Stratford on Avon freecycler.

    Don't forget, if you want to clear the clutter, you can sell it - if you can't sell it, freecycle it - one persons junk is someones treasure.


    All I got was a TV stand and some memorabilia stamps for my mum. Tried and tried for a coffee table but never got one so far.


    Whats freecycle?

    Foosball Chum;3010025

    Whats freecycle?

    noooooooooooo, you gotta be kidding?

    thats what i was finking lol ill check it out tomorrow

    Never heard of it. Will check it out though.

    nothing. given away lots of good stuff.

    Foosball Chum;3010025

    Whats freecycle?


    thats what i was finking lol ill check it out tomorrow


    Never heard of it. Will check it out though.

    tip ; if you find something you fancy, email fast, write a good sob story why you would like it, say you can collect at anytime and will arrive on time and keep checking your email for a reply ( cos freecyclers usually want to get rid of thier things asap)

    i would say you have got to check freecycle as often as you check hukd ie. all the bloody time

    I've given more than I've got but picked up a high spec PC for the kids that an old lady couldn't get to grips with. At the time was still a current model selling for about £500 on the Dell website. She refused to take anything at all so my kids bought her some flowers and chocolates. She was over the moon.

    I recently picked up the nitro racer that Deagositini did with their magazines, it was all built up but never used!
    Thats gotta be my best Freecycle so far...

    A black and chrome corner TV stand worth about £100 and a Dyson - bonus! Given away loads too as fed up to the back teeth of fleabay these days.

    Original Poster

    Thanks folks for sharing.
    For those who don't know about Freecycle, you can access it via [url][/url] or sign up to yahoo groups and do a search for the freecycle group covering your local area and join that way.
    (I signed up to the groups in Warwickshire and West Midlands). You can even put a request for stuff you need and maybe a group member will have something to spare.

    I know I don't visit ebay as much as I used and even freecycle now I have found the community at HDUK who are much more fun to chat to and share with.

    Only got a small 14" tv and nothing I wanted apart from that, even though all I wanted was a video recorder plus a digibox, no offers

    Was offered an expensive sofa once but collection only so was impossible.
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