What is the best Mountain Bike for £100-£150 please help

Found 15th Jun 2013
Hi can you recommend the best Mountain Bike for £100-£150 I would like it to have good 21speed
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I would say for that price Snowdon, you are a bit out of the price bracket for an Everest or Kilimanjaro
you could get a ben ,maybe up here for that price
or even a lil munro
Thanks Guys ill have a look at them!

Do you think I should also look at a good 2nd hand bike? a work mate said Ridgeback is a good make
at that price if you want a vaguely good bike that will last, you would look at a secondhand one.
What are you using it for? Because I, as a casual cycler, always thought "Mountain Bikes" were what you had to have, then someone introduced me to Hybrid bikes - mountain bike frame and riding position, but lightweight and with semi-slick tyres - suddenly I found my commute and social riding went from 8mph to 13mph whilst the effort to get there went down! Would never go back to a Mountain Bike now with their chunky tyres (huge rolling resistance) and heavy frames. Of course, you might want to ride off road in which case all I've said is moot....
GT? I think i paid about 130 for mine few years back but the lower end will be around the same price perhaps?
Thanks guys, Hybrid sounds good to me! or semi-slick tyres!!!

Thanks guys, Hybrid sounds good to me! or semi-slick tyres!!!

As above what do you actually want it for?

You won't get an anywhere near decent bike new for only £150.

I've got a mountain bike and a road bike - both would have been circa £800-£900 each new, I bought them for around £200 each second hand.

Decide what you want the bike for though as a mountain bike will be much more hard work on the road and you will enjoy it less! I started with just a mountain bike and after my first 100 mile ride I bought the road bike! Don't think I'd do that distance on the mountain bike ever again!
I just want it for both so a Hybrid sounds good to me, Slick tyres on a mountain bike is all i need!

Im just going to go with Raleigh Scafell Mountain Bike - 19"

Thanks for your help guys!
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