What is the best nintendo DS game ???

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Found 1st Sep 2008
Hi i've been neglecting my DS recently since getting my wii. Played with my DS when i had an operation and went all the way through SIMS 2 which i thought wasnt bad. Jus tried DS sims castaway - not overally impressed.

Does anyone know any good DS games? Ones can are good to just pass time ??

Ta in advance peeps.... Flic xxxxx


this needs to be in MISC and the answer is castlevania portrait of ruin/animal crossing/pokemon/zelda

I've only played Zelda and it's excellent. I thoroughly recommend it. Plenty to keep you occupied and thinking.

Try checking out [COLOR="DarkOrange"]]Gamespot reviews[/COLOR]. Their ratings are usually very accurate..

i too recommend Zelda....it's brill

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ooh thaks will have a look at zelda to see what is all about. Sorry bout posting in the wrong section bit confusing. xx

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Try checking out [COLOR=darkorange]]Gamespot reviews[/COLOR]. Their … Try checking out [COLOR=darkorange]]Gamespot reviews[/COLOR]. Their ratings are usually very accurate..

thanks for the advice will have a look. :thumbsup:

Really depends what you are after but a run down of the ones i have enjoyed:

Zelda - Adventure
Mario Kart - Racing
Animal Crossing - Social game (like Sims i guess)
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (i think ) - Mystery
Meteos - Puzzle

There are a few i recommend.

I couldn't wait to get Animal Crossing after all the wonderful things I heard about it, but I got bored after I repaid my first mortgage.

Can't actually think of one I like - I ended up letting the kids take over.

Oh, I did quite like the Pacman one and Kirby
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