What is the best Nintendo DS game??

I would have to say mario kart

interested in finding out about games which are good for the ds

whats your favourite?


zelda and trauma center 1&2

new super mario bros i have played 5-6 times through, mario kart rocks, Metroid Prime: Hunters is awesome, Wario Ware Touched is very catchy, and Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise is rather excellent if you enjoy that sort of thing

Zelda and Proffessor Layton and the Curious Village, if you own a DS you HAVE to have those games!!

Am just working my way through Lego Batman at the moment, it's also pretty good

my 12 yo daughter loves:
my sims
animal crossing
harvest moon
viva pinata

If you like puzzle games as a change to platform games then I have had hours of fun on Touch Master. I agree that Zelda is good and am just getting into Final Fantasy though the magic bit is doing my head in slightly.

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thanks - how about sport games?
i have tennis and its pretty disapointing


thanks - how about sport games? i have tennis and its pretty disapointing

top spin 3 aint to bad, and sega tennis is a laugh, cant really complain its not got to many sports games the console isnt really built for that sort of thing, aint played the new fifa but 08 isnt to bad on it, avoid pro evo on it not to good, the mario sports like 3 on 3 and sonic olympics are really good

I love Final Fantasy, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, Castlevania. I also like the Brain Training game as I keep going back to it for a wee play. I just got Assassins Creed for it and it's good.

Made the mistake of getting Wiffleball because it was cheap. Now I know why it was cheap! My son has Downhill Jam. He doesn't rate it. Maybe it's more difficult to do decent sports on DS.

Mario and Luigi. The only DS game i've actually played to the end!
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