what is the best payg sim to use in rhodes

    going abroad to greece on holiday and want to be able to use mobile data and let my daughter phone her boy friend what would be the best payg sim to do this.

    i don't want to use our contract phones so as not to get supprise big bill on return.


    Mobile data is 19p per megabyte. Texts are free to receive, 5p to send, calls are 18p per minute to make but only 4p per minute to receive.

    Just come back from Rhodes and basically only used Wi-Fi in hotel or bars and restaurants for data, because a megabyte can get used up very very quickly. I just got my daughters in UK to ring me rather than me ring them, very cheap now that EU has dramatically reduced charges.

    Check your current providers deals. I am Vodafone and they have a euro traveller add on at the moment. £1.99 per day and it uses your uk allowance.

    Use every other day and it's not too bad on a weeks holiday.

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    thanks for replys, will look into add ons see if orange offer something simular.
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    Data is 19p+vat in the eu max, but some companies still charge way more, like White Mobile. How they get away with it I don't know. How about a local sim?
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