What is the best phone Sim for the USA?

    Off to the states soon and would like to know if there are any good sim only offers for a few weeks use in the states to call and send texts while away within the USA


    I think they sell prepay cellphones in airports over there if you just want a disposable phone.

    Yup, best bet is to get a sim over there.

    If you go into most drug store(CVS, Walgraves of Walmart or Traget) you'll see them on cards by the tills.
    Just make sure your phone's unlocked. And they charge you for receiving calls as as well making them. But it's still cheaper then using your UK sim over there. ..

    Look out for phones called Tracfone and Net10. These are very cheap PAYG phones. You can get them at Walmart and Super Target and Target.
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