What Is The Best Prepay Card To Avoid Ryanair Fees Please

    Just went to book a Ryanair flight but do they charge now for Electron?
    If so can anyone tell me the best pre pay card or whatever I need to avoid charges please?
    Thanks to all who help as gotta log off soon but will get replies tomorrow x


    You can try following.

    There are two at the moment: Neteller & FairFX as mentioned by Stuart.

    I was actually enquiring about these two and was wondering which one to go for as the Neteller card appears to be a little problematic when it comes to customer services, they also have a cancelation fee of £10 as well.

    It might be better to go for the FairFX card even though it charges a 1.5% fee for spending though maybe someone else might have other opinions.

    Incidentally, if you apply directly through FairFX's website there's a £9.95 application fee, to avoid this go via MSE's website which will take you through comparison site Moneysupermarket where the fee will be waived provided you load more than £10.

    See MSE's Budget flight fee-fighting guide
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    Nettler card - Net+ Prepaid MasterCard

    Note that the virtual card does not work as far as I know.

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    Thanks all I may just pay the fees it seems easier!
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