What is the best price people can find on a S8000fd Fuji Camera?

    Also, I need a tripod to go with it...


    Takes good pics, takes 4aa's though and not a battery pack
    Try [url][/url] for prices. :thumbsup:

    The refurb deal is excellent value.
    Running off 4 x AA batteries can be a boon when you're out and about shooting landscapes.
    For a tripod for a camera of this weight something like the Hama Star 62 from Amazon for £15.65 including delivery and a carrying case looks a good deal…-10

    Good deal, and this...


    I can recommend this camera, bought it a while back from Fuji's website as a refurb.

    Perfect condition, would say it's a good place to buy it.

    Be quick, if it's any good, as I check back now and then and it is often out of stock. £99.99 + postage is a good price as far as I know. Less than I paid certainyl

    Hope this helps!!


    apologies for the repost! The work pc wasn't showing up any replies now I see several!!

    Again though I recommend it!
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