what is the best program for a4 poster

    hi people after doing a poster a4 size words and pictures.
    whats the best free software?


    Why did you not finish the question in the title that you started?

    For that reason I'm out!

    What OS? Inkscape, GIMP, OpenOffice can all be used...

    Original Poster

    windows xp vista



    windows xp vista

    huh?! thats a new OS :thinking:

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    so whats the best then?
    open office?

    download office 2010 beta from the miscrosoft site - get the professional and you get publisher which i use - its very good. office 2010 is free till 31 october 2010


    get the professional and you get publisher which i use

    You have no idea how much I HATE Publisher :lol:
    Trying to work with client files to produce print standard artwork is so depressing.

    Photoshop is the best. I recommend you "aquire it". GIMP has a horrible interface, if they just had a similar one to photoshop I would use it more often. Publisher is pants.
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