What is the best quality bike i could buy for £150-£200?

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Found 8th Sep 2008
I've seen a few bikes on Hotukdeals in the last few weeks some varying from 100 - 400 but should i really spend more?

Having just returned from eastern europe where I did many a bike tour I realised how much i missed missing biking (something I hadn't done for about 8 years) I'm 20 now and have realised that i need to get some exercise.

I would be using the bike in an urban setting.

I did look up some bikes on halfords this one in particular: ncane.com/bg1 but having read a little most people recommend spending a bit more on a quality bike one that was recommended was

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Get on eBay for great deals. Stick to brands that you know. I picked up a Kona Scab for £100 like this. It's one of the best bikes I've ever ridden. If your careful and ask lots of questions about the bike's condition, you could get as good as a new one from Halfords at a 3rd of the price, or a 3x better bike at the same price.
My trusted brands: Cannondale, Kona, Trek.

Check this out

oi!!! that bike will be mine........... pending pictures

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auto keep me updated on if its worth getting the same one of ebay or something?

Keep a look out for Giants, Specialized or Trek.

I have a specialized rockhopper and specialized hardrock and they are both great.


yeah stick with ebay and do local area search and save it for daily updates. Got a brand new Trek7300SLR a while back for £100 (RRP £500).

i used to have a trek 7300 , nice bikes. Yeh but ebay is defo the place and places like gum trees, loot,free ads, car boots.

Watch out for stolen bikes though.


you can have my GT Chucker 3.0 for £200, I paid £350 for it (down from £400) barely been used. though I suspect you could get a better bike for the price


Whilst you can get some good bargains on ebay, you invariably have to travel a bit, and know a reasonable amount in order to appraise it.

For your sort of budget, and the type of riding you're talking about, I'd get a Carrera Subway 1 from Halfords. If it's mainly / solely (realistically, let's be honest!) on road, you'd want smooth tyres, and suspension would be a waste - both in terms of the money / budget and compromises in spec of the bike, and in terms of energy whilst cycling.

V-brakes are more than adequate, and are easy and simple to maintain.

The Subway 1 is quite light, has a reasonably good frame, and reasonable spec parts. When you wear some out, if you use it for long enough, then it wouldn't be unreasonable to upgrade to better parts.
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