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what is the best quality rucksack brand?

Posted 5th Sep 2014
Looking for a really solid build daypack any recommendations on brands? What is northface like?

I keep buying cheap bags and replacing them every few months this madness has to stop
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Osprey make excellent packs. I have a 90l sack from them. I've carried 30kg through the mountains with it.
I like wenger swiss gear. Good quality
Lowe Alpine,Berghaus, Osprey, The North Face.are all decent serious kit that will be comfy and last. I also have a Jansport that I picked up cheap in a Century 21 in NYC ten years ago and its still going strong
DON'T buy Regatta, Trespass and Mountain Warehouse. Not comfy and break. False economy.
Have a browse on cotswoldoutdoor.com/ to give you an idea.

We've got 5 jansport bags, four rucksacks and a holdall, all been great. … We've got 5 jansport bags, four rucksacks and a holdall, all been great. The oldest is about 13 years old now, it's been repaired by jansport twice (new straps and zips), but the actual bag is in great condition, doesn't look anywhere near that old, just a few scuffs on the fabric, people normally guess a year. Got a 25 year guarantee on it anyway. Been used literally every day and around the world twice in the 13 years. The white marks are dirt and not on it now since been washed so looks newer than the pics (it's had new straps and zips since the pic a few years back).

25 years is a great warranty! Just had a quick read of their website says to post back to America though for repairs is this correct?
Karrimor has always served me well.
Berghaus are very good quality Clicky

I like wenger swiss gear. Good quality

agree swiss gear
A lot of the new Highlander gear is the cheapest stuff possible from China so beware. Also Highlander gear is, in my experience, utterly abominable and even life threateningly dangerous.

Karrimor has always served me well.

Karrimor WAS a quality brand. No more sadly - its one of those brands bought up by Sports Direct and are best avoided
Camel back
I was exactly the same, the straps kept breaking. So I bought the best, a Wenger. I've had it for 3 years, use it every day and I can get a case of lager into it. It still looks brand new. This link is a slightly smaller one than mine. My one is 35L
and can take a 17.5 inch laptop. I bought mine from TK Max for £35 (RRP £70). But this one will give you an idea of what they are like. I can't recommend Wenger enough; currys.co.uk/gbu…tml?srcid=198&cmpid=ppc~gg~~~Exact&mctag=gg_goog_7904&s_kwcid=AL!3391!3!48501993619!!!g!81082426459!&ef_id=U1rRnAAAASxzeEGn:20140905225309:s
Forgot to mention Wenger gear have a life time guarantee. Beat that badass.
My baby brother would probably give a +1 for his Wenger Swiss Gear, he's had his for a good few years, looks robust to me!
Is wenger Swiss and Swiss the same thing?

Karrimor has always served me well.


I take it you walk to the gym and back with a water bottle in?
Hi I got this in red for around £25ish
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I was looking a laptop bag that didn't tell people I have a laptop inside!

I must say its the best bag I have seen, it has tons of pockets(lots of hidden ones), its padded alround & very tuff!

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