What is the best S.A.D (bodyclock wake-up) alarm clock out there please??

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Found 6th Dec 2016
Hi all

Looking to get the missus a wake-up S.A.D. alarm clock for Xmas as she really struggles with winter mornings, every single morning is a battle to get up for work so this could be just wha she needs.
Can anyone recommend the best ones out ther at the mo, any price range really but preferably one which has awesome reviews and is easy to programme so it is not a chore for her to change settings as required.

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice!


How do these work!?

philips one on amazon. currently only 105.

Pavlok will do the trick.

A hosepipe attached to a water butt full of nearly frozen rainwater is a very effective way to wake someone up.

In all seriousness, I hope you find something to help; try to get one that plays gentle music as well, slowly raising the volume over time, so you wake up happy and refreshed.

I got a cheap one from Aldi and it does help wake you up, but it still does not force me out of bed !

Original Poster

Thanks all I've gone for a Philips one as they are a nice design as well as functional.

I have a small desk one and shopping for a new one for mum, not a wake up one admittedly.
I do know they work though.
When she was using one regularly her elderly cat who sleeps on her lap, acted like a two year old with spring in the air.
You can't tell me the cat knew what the light was for.

Got one from Costco for £55 at the weekend
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