what is the best sky+ deal my contract is up i can cancel or get a new deal

    heat added for best deal


    what do you have?

    If you don't have sky plus already you could certainly threaten to leave and expect a sky plus box free. If you have sky plus box you could try for an HD box.

    Your best bet is to look at the best offers elsewhere such as virgin so you can argue from that side. Sky won'twant to lose you so you should expect a decent deal and or try for discounted subscription charge! I just got movies reduced to £3 a month for three months after threatening to cancel them.

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    ive got sky but have aquired a sky plus box which is missing a lead i dont want to have to pay a fortune for 1 lead and installation

    Do they do any good delas if you are willing to pay upfront?!

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    dont know thats why im asking
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