What is the best Sony PS3 deal at the moment?

    I am currently searching the forums here for the best PS3 deal and cannot work out what deal is the best!

    The Virgin deal looks good (but needs the Virgin credit card first) - although not sure if still current!

    Can anyone help me here - thought Argos were doing PS3 + 3 free games - but no mention on their wesbite.

    I want the 60Gb version with best package at £349.99 (or less).



    Is it worth the extra money just for 20GB?

    The 40GB deal looks good!…371

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    Hi Foggie,

    Thanks for the link - Although I want the 60Gb version as it has PS2 software compatability which I want for our collection of Singstar games + Buzz quizes!

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    Can anyone point me in the direction of a good deal on a 60Gb PS3?

    I preferably want it with a games bundle.


    Why you nicked my name?


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    I have NOT nicked your name - am I called ultimoscorpion - I think not.

    My online name has been Scorpion or ukscorpion since 1998.

    Aside from that, has anyone got any advice on PS3 deals?

    Unfortunatly the argos deal ended last week! But it was almost impossible to fins somewhere that had all the games to be honest, altho they all had loads of consoles!

    The best deals at the moment I think are as follows:

    Virgin Megastores Instore (or at least it was last week, id check)
    £349 for Console, 2 games and 2 Blu-Ray disks
    £349 for Console, 2 games and additional controller

    Gamestation has various deals…are

    (note that the 40GB uses less power, and has a battery onboard so remembers the time if you switch it off to be energy efficent! Altho it doesnt play PS2 games :-( )

    Gamestation have several offers (above link) from

    £299 for console and 2 Blu-ray disks
    up to
    £349 for console, 2 blu-rays disks and 2 games
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