What is the best value family printer with the cheapest running costs?

Found 29th Jul 2017
reluctantly realising the need to print return labels, photos, things for kids homework ect, requires me to be brave and buy another printer ... and one that doesn't clog up the min it sits a few days would be great too...

recommendations for family friendly printer and price of ink for it would be greatly recieved .. dont need to be fancy but all the better if it does what its told as every one i've owned before had a mind of its own.. usually just when you needed it to work most not print the 100 things it failed to in a past life
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Colour/B&W? Wireless? Scanner included?
cant go wrong with a budget epson wifi all in one, less than a pound per cartridge for compatibles
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How many pages do you print a month?

It's one of those things where you have to get the right sized cartridges for you. Small enough that they don't dry out, big enough that they're not ridiculously expensive per page.

Some people have gone laser these days, they can be slightly more expensive to run but there's no risk of ink drying out so the running costs end up lower if you throw out cartridges. They're not as good at photos and similar images though.
ideally colour dont mind if no scanner sure ive one in loft somewhere.. and often camera photo excepted these days even of docs...i was just looking at lazer printer deals on here the now.. i like the appeal of not drying up as i doubt i actually need good photo quality it mainly run of mill stuff my kids might want printed and more practical stuff like returns labels.. so sporadic is the likely way it would be used.
Buy any from hp with 3 month free ink and £1.99 a month for 50 pages or 3.40 for 100 pages
If you are printing pictures too, you will need an inkjet. If you don't use it enough the ink will dry and you will run into problem. If it's only homework in B&W a laser printer is your best bet as the ink does not dry
Thanks all, think I will go with colour laser
Printer as the kids sometimes require colour print outs for homework but they don't need to be photo quality and utilise free print offers for photos... Hopefully I can edit title and get a few recommendations for colour laser printers
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