What is the best value laptop on the market for ~£250-£350 quid?

    Hi all,
    Am looking to buy a laptop for about £250-£350 quid. Its going to be used to surf the web and do other basic computery stuff. Can anyone give me advice of the best one to get and where to get it from (e.g. are there any particularly great special offers out there?)

    Thanks a lot.



    Chris, it all depends on what you will use the laptop for.
    For that price you wont get cutting edge graphics etc.etc.

    If it is for basic web browsing and writing the odd letter / email, and you want to use it on the move, then a webbook / netbook like an Acer One is great. Weighs about 1kg. Most expensive is £299 with Windows, cheapest about £235 with Linux. Comes with 8.9" screen, various hard drive size. No CD drive (you can buy a separate one) and 3hr battery life.

    If your happy to have it at home, then a refubished laptop could be a good idea. Typically sent back, normally sold as new with 1 yr guarantee but may have slight cosmetic damage. This will give you better value for money. Stick with well known brands and you should be OK. Avoid ebay.

    Look ]here for a starting point

    The ]Curry's one has wifi so you can use it on the move and also comes with a dvd-rw, only £299
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