What is the best value sub-£100 Blu-ray player at the moment?

    What is the best deal available on BluRay players at the moment? I'd ideally be spending up to £100, and I don't necessarily want the cheapest...just the best overall deal!

    Gonna have some cash since it's my birthday tomorrow, wooop!

    Also, does anyone know any good places to get an HDMI cable cheap as chips?


    About the cheapest i could find presently..…580

    As far as if it is value for money, i couldnt tell you but seen it at £129.99 elsewhere.

    Maybe someone else could comment on the spec for the price.

    Looks alright to me with bd live 2.0 & usb port,
    but not that knowledgeable on the range of bluray players out there at the minute.

    For hdmi,…8-1

    I got a couple of those and they are just the ticket.

    Some will argue about getting a more expspensive one as it's better, but as far as i'm aware if it works it works and they are mostly all the same, do the same job, and your just paying for the name a lot of the time.

    Happy birthday, btw
    And hope you enjoy your new player when you get it

    Forgot to say, there are also a few sub £100 players at richer sound, if you have one locally as a lot are not available to buy online...…ray

    maybe see if your asda has one of these -

    I've got the model up
    Good player imo, not had a problem with it.

    thats around £100…DV8

    same price at very et al
    if your a new customer you could use the 10% code to get some money off.

    BTW, happy birthday, hope your having a good day
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