What is the Best video converter for the psp?

    Hi all

    Looking to convert some movies and tv shows (Mainly Battlestar ) so i can watch them on my psp

    I done a google search, but i want to know what you have used

    So please post the software you used and give it a mark out of 10 for:

    Ease of Use
    Time taken to convert a file
    Start Size = End Size

    Or if you cant say F That and give a mini review lol



    I use pspvideo9
    it works, looks good, what else do you want :thumbsup:

    Haven't used it myself yet, but ]xvid4psp is supposed to be good.

    pspvc - free to use, alot of settings, quality is almost perfect if you choose the right size and second pass option to clear up any artifacts

    I use WinAVI mp4 converter. Its got preset settings for converting to ipod/psp format, so it outputs it at the same resolution that the psp and ipod screens support.

    I have also used PSPVideo9 and it works really well.

    Not sure on times etc but it works, what more do you want!

    Tried all the above and the one I've stuck with is…htm
    Free full software, PSP settings, relatively fast & easy to use.:thumbsup:
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