what is the best way to get decent phone internet use on O2?


    i have a 12 month contract with o2.

    i get 400 mins and 1000 texts for £35 a month

    due to a big mistake by them earlier this year, my phone was upgraded - i now have a super-duper fancy thing which connects via wi-fi and all other ways.

    i used to be on virgin and got free internet access.

    now i'd have to pay o2 an extra £7.50 a month to get decent access on my current tariff as a "bolt-on" and i am extremely loath to do this as i don't want to line their pockets any more until i end my contract.

    so, does anybody know any deals i can suggest to o2 to get them to increase the meagre 1mb per month they graciously give me free at the moment?


    virgin and got free internet access. - is this still the case?


    I'm using 02 and connect via USB to my laptop on their bolt-on. The bolt-on was free though (Simplicity 25) and with my emplyee discount, comes down to £17.50pm. And no, I dont work for 02!

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    dunno if virgin still do it

    i just want net on phone - not to act as a modem for a lappy

    I got this upgrade deal (O2 CPW):

    600 mins + 1000txts + unlimited xnet calls on weekend (17 months free - £35 per month)

    I had the option of 200MB internet access as well instead of weekend calls or free wifi.

    However I was told that O2 is capped at £1 per day - so no matter how much you use it the max you can get charged is £1!

    I would still ring up and confirm this as to be honest I didn't beleive them.
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