What is the best way to see online streaming from laptop/tablet/smartphone to TV?


    I am not tech-savvy at all and am confused with the ways I can connect my ipad or android phone or laptop to watch online TV channels, you tube etc.

    I am even more confused with "mirroring" techniques that roku, chromecast, apple tv achieve. Can I stream online TV with this?Which one is the better option for me - HDMI wires or the above devices? Any alternatives will also be much appreciated. I have a HD ready tv that I bought 5-6 years back. I am also planning to get Netflix next month so would consider connecting to my TV as well.

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    sorry, I meant how to watch online channels on TV, not TV channels on tablet. apologies for not being clear.


    If you have a tablet with an HDMI out then you can connect that to most modern TVs.

    If you want to watch streaming channels then you will need the apps or similar ones that leelee6781 posted.

    If you are going to use the device (tablet etc) all the time for streaming channels then you would be better off buying a dedicated device, like an Android box (basically a little PC running android) these are around £40 upwards and you can get them on eBay/Amazon and sometimes people sell them on here.

    Or you could get a NowTV box with Sky Movies pass (live sky movies chanells and on demand, £8.99 pm) and/or Entertainment Passes (£4.99 pm around 12 channels including Sky1) you also get on demand apps like BBCi,4OD,5OD etc.

    On the NowTv box you can insrtall a media centre app called Plex which allows to you to stream videos and music from other devices in the house AND you can also install apps into Plex that give you live streams from channels around the world aswell as UK.

    Plenty of deals on here atm if you search.

    If you can watch it on your tablet then you can plug it in to your tv, and watch it, just make sure you get the right connectors - input to the tv will be via a full size hdmi connection.

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    Thank you everyone. I get overwhelmed with all the new gadgets. I am actually considering cancelling my Sky subscription, I think Now TV will make a good alternative from what I read from the above posts. I don't need Sky for that, do I? If it streams online content from tablet/laptop to TV, then all the better.

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