What is the best way to straighten the collar on a leather jacket?

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Found 14th May 2010
Each side of the collar on my leather jacket has a kink in it. I've tried placing pieces of card either side of the kinks (held with paper clips) to try and straighten it out but this has made no difference after 2 weeks.

My next step will be to put the collar between 2 heavy books and leave it for a while.

If this fails, does anyone have a tried & tested method that would straighten the collar without damaging the jacket?

Thanks in advance


ask the fonz.


ask the fonz.

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Hair dryer will do it, then put weight on top

I tried a steamer to straighten my leather jacket and it worked very well. Do not iron it no matter wut or you'll damage the jacket. You probably don't have a steamer so I guess try anything that has hot steam on the area that you would like to straighten.
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