What is the best way to upgrade from a s6 to s8

Found 30th Sep 2017
Hi Everyone.
Im currently using a samsung galaxy s6 and considering upgrading to the s8. Whats the best way to do it?
I had a look at trading it directly with samsung but the prices seem quite high (theyre not offering such a big discount and the purchase price is higher then other sites which negates and trade in bonus)
I've seen those deals to buy the s8 outright but how would you sell the s6 - bit reluctant on ebay due to previous bad experiances
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Try looking on game. I sold my iPhone 6S to them this week for around £50 more than any of the normal phone purchasing sites we’re offering.
Used cex in the past to sell phones to, might not get the best price but once its gone and the money is in your hand its a done deal, you could even get more money in vouchers and buy the s8 from them
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