What is the best way to wirelessly connect to XBOX360 online?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to work out the best way to connect my lil brothers xbox360 online, the official wireless adapter appears to be most obvious way to go but it does seem a bit pricey.

    Is it possible to just get a normal wireless adapter and use that? or is that not possible?

    Just trying to save a lil money over christmas to buy games :-)

    Thanks in advance for any advice


    ive found a cheap one here


    the official adapter is classed as a wireless bridge which is a lot different to a standard usb adapter, thats why it won't work, there are alternatives like home plug, a usb wireless bridge, but with the price and the hassle involved it's really not worth it.

    If your computer is setup near the xbox you could do what I did and run a crossover cable to it and then it can connect that way

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    no sadly my brother has his xbox in his room (with no computer)

    and yea from what ive picked up elsewhere it does appear to be a bit of hassle using any other adapter

    Thanks people very helpful!

    If anybody does know a way of doing it stress free it would be great though

    best way would be to buy homeplugs

    but ] this is cheap and will work

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    best way would be to buy homeplugs but ] this is cheap and will work

    would i just be able to plug that in and it would work? and would it work ok?

    ive had a look at homeplugs and can't work out exactly what they are?

    Wireless Ethernet Bridge,

    I use a Linksys WET54g and the speeds are much quicker than usb or pci wifi!

    i use a homeplug, works really well no lag at all, £50 at amazon at the moment.:thumbsup:


    best way would be to buy homeplugs but ] this is cheap and will work

    Homeplugs are the future, 100% reliable, fast, and dont interfere with video senders.
    They are well worth the money.

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    How do homeplugs work? are they just the same as a wireless adapter?


    How do homeplugs work? are they just the same as a wireless adapter?

    They plug into your electrical sockets and use your house wiring to send the data through but they don't work across different circuits in your house, chances are you'll be fine though.

    Linksys WET54g - whats the point of this, as it costs the same as the 360 WiFi adapter and is much more cumbersome and pretty much a pointless solution to this issue.

    Linksys WET54g and alike can be picked up more cheaply than the official 360 adapter on Ebay.
    You can also use for loads of different things including making a Xbox(1), running XBMC into a wirless media centre, and wirless enabling any device with a standard network port. Another big plus point is that when used to connect a PC to a wirless network, no drivers are required or installed, unlike USB adaptors. The WEP keys etc are stored on the adaptor, and these do not need to be input into the PC, making them very secure (compared to having wep keys etc on the PC), and making them good for people who just want a hasstle free way of connecting various devices to their wireless network.
    Dont knock them until you have tried them, i have had 3 different brands of these over the last few years, and all have been very stable and usefull in different ways
    Hope this helps...

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    umm a lot of great advice thanks.

    So am I right in believing that you plug the homeplug distributor in between the router and a plug and then plug the other end in a plug upstairs. Then plug an ethernet wire from that to the xbox? and the signal will get passed through the wires?

    Exactly right. Router to 1 homeplug, then other homeplug to 360, using normal network cables on both ends. The signal travels through your home wiring (quickly).Its a good system, and you can add other plugs if you need them. No WEP keys or anything like that to mess with, no lag, and as far as i am aware, no security risk. Why not buy from Maplin, open box carefully to try it, if you dont like, you can get a refund, but i think youll be happy.

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    Isent it quite expensive to buy 2 though? they do seem a bit pricey?
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