what is the big secret about T5's?

Found 4th Nov 2008
I went on a poston HUKD the other day about T5 slimming pills and wanted to know where to get them from but no-one wants to say. I pm'd a member of HUKD and they refused to tell me. Why? Any reason why it has to be kept secret? Is it illegal??? can anyone tell me please.

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dunno, but i think you can get em off ebay

why not speak to your GP about getting something from him/her???

or diet

yes get them from ebay off seller slimjim I think his name is. I lost nearly 4 stone in 3.5 months going from 15.2 to 11.4. You do have to change the way you eat as well but these help with feeling hungry. I took one a day.

Remember there is no miracle cure you do have to really want it. :thumbsup:

no substitiute for exercising and changing to a healthier diet


no substitiute for exercising and changing to a healthier diet

These are not a substitute. nothing is. they help with the hunger feeling. I have cut out takeaways, cakes and cut down on portion size.

I also have cut out dairy and have pasta with garlic,onions and basil. I eat a lot more fish now also.

Just noticed your Avatar. no need to be upset it was only a game HAHAHA.

best bet is to eat fruit etc instead of any other rubbish you would otherwise normally eat like cakes etc and always eat breakfast!

I must admit I don't eat breakfast or lunch just an evening meal. Only water or black tea with a little sugar twice in the day.


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just stop being greedy... simple

What are T5's? Steriods? Bah!


What are T5's? Steroids? Bah!

No they are not steroids. I would not touch them.

I'm loving the helpful comments like eat less, exercise more etc... :x

I do work hard unloading my 18 tonne lorry by hand everyday. When you work long hours the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. Finding somewhere to park to get a healthy meal is also a no go.

I have learnt what not to eat so all is good.
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