What is the cheapest phone that I can buy to run whatsapp?

Found 1st Oct 2015
I'm posting this on behalf of my sister in law.

She is a full time carer looking after her mother in the middle of rural Ireland. They had a mobile phone which died yesterday and they can't afford to replace it. They urgently need to replace this as it provides a vital link with the outside world. Being able to run WhatsApp enables her to stay in touch with her sister (my wife) who is in the UK.

I am sending some stuff over to her anyway and I was hoping I might be able to pick up a cheap phone to stick in with it.

What is the cheapest usable phone I can find for her? I don't mind buying something network locked if I can get a cheap unlock code from EBAY
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Try the cex shop. As got my Nokia 635 for £40 or try their website
Any cheap Nokia/Microsoft Lumia will be perfectly capable.

You can pick up a brand new 435 or 535 for not too much money from Carphone Warehouse. The added benefit of phones from Carphone Warehouse is that they're all unlocked already.

A low end Windows Phone will be a lot faster and run a lot smoother than any low end Android phone.
Been looking at low end lumia phones. Does anyone have a Virgin PAYG upgrade code I could use by any chance?
asda had a lumia deal on for back to school check that out..
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