What is the cheapest way to currently get a three contract?


    I'm after a three contract so I can get mobile broadband on the cheap. Basically I'm moving into a flat and there's no need for me to have a phoneline.

    I remember the days when you were paid (through cashback) to get a three contract, with minimal risk too. They've tightened up the cashback rules quite a lot now though.



    Look at…le/
    You can also get £30 credit if you are recommended by someone on 3. They also get £30 credit.
    Other than that those days are long gone!

    EDIT: oh I forgot you can also get a £20 accesories voucher, Just click online assistance on the 3 website. Ask and you shall receive lol

    Get the Skypephone on a six month contract - £20 Quidco and £30 RAF.It includes a 1gb internet pack per month - but you're not supposed to use the phone to hok up your laptop.:whistling: This will only give you 512 speed not that of a dongle.

    3 seem a bit hazy on how they charge for mobile BB - you might need to get another contract after the six months - but still the cheapest way - or they may have trouble realising that your contract ran out and give you cheap bb for the 18mths.:whistling:
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