What is the cheapest way to text abroad - both from a sim and online?

Found 9th Jan 2010
I had been using VGS mail - as it ran an ap on my mobile which sent the texts and used virtually no data - and could also be used online.

However, they were about 3p a text when I started with them - but the increase this week to 7.6p per text has made them unviable. They also seem unable to text to landlines now and the US, but you are still charged for the failures.

So I am now looking for a replacement that is reliable - can do the US, landlines, an many countries as possible and offer receipts.

Any suggestions for a replacement?

Rep waiting for all useful or humourous answers.

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i use [url]www.fishtext.com[/url]
cost 1 p to send text abroad...


i use [url]www.fishtext.com[/url] cost 1 p to send text abroad...

Thanks for that, I used to use 18185's web sms service but their prices have been creeping up too so was looking for an alternative. This is better still as u can send from mobile or web. Thanks ramnee, Rep added :thumbsup:


i use [url]www.fishtext.com[/url] cost 1 p to send text abroad...

just looking at this & it seems to send a text to france it costs 46p yet to south africa it costs 1p :thinking:
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