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What is the deal with buying gig tickets on Gumtree?

Posted 4th Apr 2013
I'm trying to track down two tickets for 'the 1975' at Heaven in May.

So, I posted a wanted ad on Gumtree. Since this morning I've had three replies, all seem fairly legit.

However, for my own protection I asked each of the sellers to just take a pic of the tickets with their phone number or email address so I can check they're actually in their posession.

All three flat out refused. One said it was because of 'piracy'. I argued that I'm not asking for a high quality scan, the picture could even have all the info blanked out apart from the artists name... They still refused.

Another said it was because I could use that picture and put it on ebay? Again, I said it can be low res, with the phone number covering the image, just as long as I can see the artists name... Still refused!

What is going on here!? Are they actually all just scammers?
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Are they actually all just scammers?

That was rhetorical i hope
Is Gumtree not an anagram of scammer. I wouldn't touch Gumtree or trust anyone that responds to your ad. Be very careful.

That was rhetorical i hope

You're right.
Sounds like it.

Any genuine seller would provide the pic. Try setting up another advert but state that the seller must provide a picture before you buy...would hopefully stop the scammers replying...
Have bought concert tickets via gumtree and the seller was more than willing to comply with everything. my conditions were a photo showing seat number etc and also, collection from sellers home address. to be fair, if I was selling on gumtree id happily comply as i've got nowt to hide. i think, in this case, if you've got a hunch about the sellers- it's there for a reason. avoid em.
Ask for an address to collect from, they seem to disappear then. I placed an ad for an iPad and got replies when I said I would collect they did not reply any more
The worst is applying for jobs on Gumtree, too many viruses.
gumtree should just be closed down

I just love the excuses they use, they tie themselves up in knots to avoid the most obvious answer


One said it was because of 'piracy'

Aaah yes, that well known method of piracy that ALL the major events are afraid of, printing out a picture on 1 side of a peice of paper. It fools most arena staff honest!
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