What is the difference between a shipping and billing address?

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Found 9th Dec 2008
I understand that the shipping address is where the items will be delivered.
But it's the billing address that I am unclear about.
Is it connected to my debit card? Is the address cross referenced with my card as a security measure? Checking it matches up?
Or is it simply where the bill/invoice is delivered?



billing should be connected to the credit/debit card
shipping is the address where you want delivery (they can be the same or different)

Your billing address is the address at which you receive your credit card/debit card statements.
Shipping address is where you want it to be delivered to.

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Thanks everyone.
All cleared up now.

You are correct that the billing address is a security measure as someone who has stolen your card is unlikely to know this address. Additionally some companies will only ship to your billing on the first order to ensure it's a legimate card.

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